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Top 10 things to sell from your home

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Need money fast? Then sell off some of your belongings. You'd be surprised how much money you can raise quickly. Virtually every house has items worth far more than you'd expect lurking in the recesses.

Here's what you could sell:

The credit crunch has both encouraged more people to sell furniture and more to buy second-hand. The best money comes from branded furniture such as Freedom Furniture, La-Z-Boy, Morgan, Danske Møbler, and also from retro and antique items. Even the rugs on your floor can be sold.

Don't assume that just because your furnishings are old and ugly they won't fetch decent prices at auction. There's a huge revival in "mid-century" furniture and old "Don" and "Otto Larsen" pieces can fetch hundreds of dollars. It's well worth considering sending these items to an antiques auction, rather than trying to sell them yourself. But you are selling at "wholesale", not retail, if you do this.

Clothes and jewellery
If you're female (although some males fall into this category as well) you're bound to have stuff in your wardrobe that has only been worn once. If it's a designer label you could get good money from it by selling through a “nearly new” store. Even popular labels such as Glassons can be sold online for up to half of their retail value if you're lucky.

Garage and garden items
Your garage or garden shed are both a veritable source of treasure. If you're like me, you probably have two tools for virtually every job. I've got a Weedeater and a manual edge trimmer. I also have far more camping equipment than one family could ever use. Dare I add, ditching the second car makes a huge amount of financial sense.

Books and magazines
Most of us love our book collections. But let's face it, if you'd rather eat than read, then there's probably hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of unused money stuffed on the shelves collecting dust. Don't assume because the book is old or tatty that it won't sell. People often pay good money to get out-of-print books. I've even sold off bundles of my kids' old Dr Seuss books, which I advertised as: "knackered". The bundles started at $1 each and ended up selling for more than $40 a pop.

Near-new electronic goods are in demand. Even old ones can be sold. For environmental reasons, I pulled all of the working parts out of my old computer before dumping it on eDay. I wasn't looking to make money — just to reuse rather than dump — but I got a cool $60 for the drives and RAM.

Anything you've bought on tick
If you're paying out money in interest for belongings, they're probably the best to get rid of — and fast! Do you really need them? That might even mean selling those cool mag wheels; it's not so cool to be broke. Recently I watched a TV presenter force a couple to sell a sofa they'd bought for thousands and make them sit on floor cushions to watch TV. Surprisingly the pair thanked the presenter for the radical action.

It's essential to explore every nook and cranny of your house for things to sell. Everything has a price and you'd be surprised how much that can be sold. Old board games sell well.

Check out your attic and under the house for any old architectural materials. They can sometimes be sold for quite a lot of money. And remember that if you're replacing anything in the home — from doors, windows, the kitchen sink and even carpets — someone somewhere might want to buy your trash. That might include an architectural salvage yard.

Have your say: What items from your house have you managed to sell?

User comments
We were renovating and decided to have aluminium double glazed windows put in. I managed to sell all our old wooden framed windows (circa 1950's) online One even had a broken frame.. advertised it as such but this guy was still happy to come and pick it up for his bach about 200km away.
My mother found some of these when my brother moved out of home. She got me to sell them for her on Trade Me. Made a tidy sum for her.
Hey Big T perhaps the wifey's got some adult material of her own to sell that the hubby doesnt know about lol. Might be better then the old man's.But yeah Ive done 3 times garage sales,they turn out real good.Your Rubbish is someone elses Treasure. Definitely the adult Mags and DVDs are a goner when on sale,the Males will secretly buy it and stash hahahahahaha.Good Luck everyone.
You should mention the ways people should go about such exchanges (I know you mentioned auction but something more specific?). Also another idea to all the dads out there. Maybe you could make a buck selling that old adult material collection lying under the bed (hopefully not damaged if you know what I mean LOL ) that the wifey confiscated. Cheers and have a good one.

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