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Innovative ways to make money

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So you need some more dough? Don't we all. If you're serious about it, there are some innovative ways that everyone can make money fast.

Become a medical guinea pig
Just recently a news item on Campbell Live looked at how to make money by testing new drugs in clinical trials. "Where else can you make $1500 for two weeks' work doing nothing?" said one student who does it. And one of the medical researchers made a good point: "It's probably safer than going out on a Friday or Saturday night as many of these students do." But beware. These trials can go horribly wrong.

Become a model
You don't need to be young or beautiful to get a role in a TV or print advert. Just look at this guy who was chosen to advertise a pimple cure. You can never be too old or too fat to be a model either. I even found this article on MSN NZ's American sister site, which says ugly is the new beautiful.

Okay, you're not going to be New Zealand's next top model. What matters, however, is the money. When choosing an agency, find one that has been around for a long time and doesn't charge you to be on its books.

Become a TV extra
A friend of mine got a role in a TV show recently because she's overweight, not in spite of it. She got a couple of hundred bucks a day plus plenty of nice food to eat, for sitting crossed legged as a crystal-ball reader caked in make-up. These jobs can be found through employment websites and they're not all in Wellywood.

Sell the fruit from your garden
We're blessed in New Zealand with an abundance of fruit. How many of us can eat all the feijoas, guavas, mandarins or lemons that grow on our own trees? It's easy enough to set up a table and an honesty box outside your house and sell off what you can't eat. If you want value add, you could preserve the fruit or make it into jam or chutney. Olives grow profusely in some parts of New Zealand, but sell for large amounts pickled. There's a business opportunity.

Make money in the neighbourhood
It's easy to distribute leaflets in your neighbourhood and make money doing good old-fashioned tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, babysitting, dog walking, garden clearing, eyebrow threading or any other service that people need, but don't have the time to do themselves. Even better, do what businesswoman of the year Diane Forman did in secondary school: set up a business doing one of these things and take a 20 percent cut from friends you employ as freelancers to do the work for you.

Make money blogging
If you're innovative there are ways to make money blogging. I love the story of Julie Powell who blogged about her attempt to cook all 524 recipes in a year from Julia Child's classic recipe book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The blog became a book and in turn a Hollywood film.

Obscure ways to make money
Sell your hair. Mystery shop. Get paid to take surveys on your computer. Sell photos to stock photo marketplaces such as

What to avoid
Be aware that scammers love to play on people's needs to make money fast. Watch out for those small adverts and spam e-mails that promise ways to make money fast. They're almost all a con. Headings like: "Work from home in NZ", "Make $200 an hour", "Trade gold from home", fall into this category.

Your say: How would you make an extra $500 a month?

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User comments
There are a lot of newsworthy ideas here. I too wondered nigh the bulk candy organization opportunities. It does seem similar a lot of transform for peanuts, but I hazard it's all active your perspective. I'm exploit to looking into a few of the items on the inclination, see if I can modify my own income streams. Can't e'er know too some! you could confiture the product or *** it into jam or condiment. Olives acquire profusely in whatsoever parts of New Zealand, but trade for brobdingnagian amounts pickled. There's a activity possibility. ........................ polo
I have just recently applied for finance through a finance company and was declined due to being at "credit risk". I inquired to what this had meant and was told that i had too many inquires against my credit history. Still unsure of what this had meant,so got him to explain more and was told i mustve inquired too many times for finance. Now i am gobsmacked to this! As to how am i meant to know without doing those quick 5 minute online applications if i am even able to be approved for a loan! I have never known it will bite me in the A** to just an INQUIRY!! I think this is unfair as it is not an actual loan but like a pre-aprroval. How are we meant to know if we can get one without doing an application?. I think this is a real issue that needs to be attentioned. I work full time,my bills are getting paid but still not good enough! Looks like its back to the good old Piggy bank for me and save the old fashion way!!

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