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Emissions tax

Emissions trading scheme. Image: Getty
It's hard to see the bright side when the government keeps putting prices up in the tail end of a recession. Ever get the feeling all those people leaving the country know something you don't?

The emissions trading scheme (ETS) came into effect on July 1 and some companies have already jumped on to the bandwagon well in advance. Electricity companies sent out letters to customers stating their intended price hike, at the same time Prime Minister John Key was claiming "for a company to blame the emissions trading scheme for that sort of price increase is quite incorrect".

The New Zealand Herald reported Contact Energy was putting prices up 3.2 percent on average, and over double that in the Dunedin area.

So what are you going to do about it, John? Roll around in your 10 percent pay increase?

The goal of the ETS is to encourage people to use less, putting the penalty on greenhouse gas emitters. But the emitters are just transferring the costs to their customers. So how exactly is that going to affect those emitting the most greenhouse gases, namely, industry?

The government estimated the ETS will cost households about $3 per week — for petrol and power. Right. So the government has planned for this by building better public transport so people will drive less? No. They have encouraged higher wages so people can afford all the increases and won't leave New Zealand? No.

John Key spoke to TV3's Campbell Live on the eve of the ETS. Key's vision for the good of the earth sounded more like a PR exercise to cover the fact households are subsidising big business. For example, farmers will not pay extra for their methane-producing cows, but householders will subsidise that with increases in power, petrol and car licences.

The harbingers of this good fortune for earth point out that people who do good deeds will get credits. Yay. For example, companies growing trees. What will happen with these trees, you ask? They will chop them down and sell them, probably back to you at inflated prices because of GST and ETS price rises.

But they have been getting credits for growing trees, you say. Surely they will pass these on to the customers, just as the generous power and gas companies passed their good tidings on.

Ha ha.

User comments
How can we trust any of our so called leaders of the country when they line their own pockets at our expense,double dip when they think no one is watching,and scam us with ETS. I have no way of earning any income being on the pension, bring back hanging!!!!!!!!!!!
Just another tax. Gee thanks Helen .What a way to feather your own nest before going to the united nations!
Like Billy, I to have been following the Warming con. As he says, plants, trees, crops just love CO2, some glass house growers pump it into the houses to help growth, and why, during the last ice age, was there five times the CO2 then, than now. The most we should have done, was to follow Aussies, and say, when the big players get in the game, so will we, but then the warming con will be seen as a joke, and it will all be forgotten. How come the leaked e-mails that came out of the U.N. were not widely published by the usless media, when they were asking each other why their predictions were so far out. Sorry John, no vote from me next time.
i am a big eco person from a boy caring for frogs and birds, to me the ets is ajoke that will help to elievat climate change, anybody could have predicted this exxtra burden fo joe blogs. that is my blog.
Let anloe ETS, should be TTS. Tax Trading Scheme. Where the goverment tax's companies, then the companies trade that tax onto the end user.......THE TAX PAYER.!!
Anybody with even a small amount of intelligence can see that this has been a money grabbing scheme from day one.I have spent many,many hours following the whole scenario of global warming,and am yet to be convinced that humans have any more than the minutest effect on climate.Can't people get the fact that the earth is actually COOLING through their heads?And lower temperatures have caused more deaths than warming?The hockey stick is broken,polar bears are thriving,and I am burning more firewood than I did over the last few years to keep warm.The Emissions Taxing Scam is exactly that,nothing more,nothing less.What I would give to have a couple of degrees more in New Plymouth right now.Double the co2 levels and we will be able to feed more people.Plants love co2.It's what they thrive on.Check out Prof Vincent Gray,NZ's top scientist on Global warming,see what he has to say.I am picking that the whole fiasco over global warming will come crashing down,after they have fleeced us.

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