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Petrol, stop rising

Petrol prices
What is with the cost of petrol? How come the world continues to produce petrol and yet prices just keep going up and up? And it doesn't look like they're ever going to go down, especially with our obsession with crude oil and its by-products.

The Automobile Association (AA) recently asked the NZ government to reduce the GST on petrol, saying it's a "tax on a tax". Almost half the cost of petrol at the pump is government levies and taxes. The government then adds GST on top of that, which increases the price by $0.077 a litre.

Increased crude oil prices around the world don't just cut into consumers' bank balance when filling up the car with petrol. The increased cost of diesel is affecting transport companies, who will charge more for delivering stock, such as supermarket groceries. Those retailers, in turn, will raise their prices to compensate. This means end-products for consumers, such as groceries, will go up. Again.

In 2010, the cost of milk, cheese and eggs increased by 12.6 percent and the price of vegetables by 15.4 percent. Add increased power charges and petrol prices and it's easy to see why the AA thought it was becoming too difficult for the average New Zealander to enjoy some sort of quality of life.

Unfortunately, the government gave an emphatic "no" to the suggestion of cutting GST on petrol. Prime Minister John Key said the government's revenues were already under pressure, following the Canterbury earthquake, and much of the tax on petrol was used to pay for roads.

Awesome. Because if you've driven around New Zealand, you know the quality of our roads is sublime. You would be forgiven for thinking either (a) where the hell is all that money going, or (b) they need to spend a lot more of it.

Australia, India and the UK have also been looking into the "price of petrol" situation. Australia even has a petrol commissioner, who has "full powers … to monitor and investigate petrol prices". Phew, glad someone's on the case.

Perhaps, instead of spending yet more money on petrol-related activities, governments should examine why the world is still so dominated by oil companies.

User comments
The only thing fuel companies care about is their profit, the only way I see of stopping them is to make it uneconomic to increase the price. The next time the fuel companies increase the price of fuel for whatever reason, stop buying petrol from BP for 1 month. (mark it on your calendar) When the price goes up again stop buying from Z (Shell) for a month. Again when the price increases stop buying from Caltex. for a month. They are all joined at the hip, if even 20% of the general public do this. They will have to stop, or conceed that they are all allies ripping off the NZ public.
get real all you people who talk about peak oil they are still pumping oil in texas . i have never heard of a dry oil well there is a certain draw down after which the the fields continue to produce.If we had used our natural gas for motor fuel instead of wasting it making electricity we would not have to import petrol
Where did you get this information about Australia having a petrol commissioner? That is a new one to me and I drive for a living and are right onto prices and what is going on. If there is one then he's doing ***-all to stop the rising prices. We are now paying the highest of all the states at around AUD$1.47c Litre. Sure it's less than you guys are paying but it's all relative. I can't say I buy this Libya conflict as the reason for rising costs. Our low exchange rate used to be the excuse our prlces went up but now it's on a par with the USD and they say it's nothing to do with it. It's all bulldust to me.
did the government ever think about mothers who need to take their children to school! or how supermarket prices have risen too why should we pay more money for something that most everyday people need to get to work or whatever. some people may have had to quit their jobs to get on a benefit because its easier for them to get to the places they need to be because there job wasnt paying enough. why should our taxes go towards governments flash cars? shouldnt they be driving something that is much more economical? that money on all there flash stuff could drop petrol and other things for us but because they are high up there they couldnt give two flying pigs!!! All I can say is that this country is corrupt, and to be quite honest so is our government!!!
This article and these comments are childish. For some years many expert opinions have been pointing out that on a finite planet there are not infinite resources. Odd that, eh? Particularly oil - peak oil has been predicted for some years and is now upon us. We extract and burn enough oil every year to fill Port Nicholson from Moa Point to Pencarrow head three times over every year. It is not, despite the obvious infantile wishes of those posting here, and Kat Ryan, an inexhaustible supply. If you wonder where it's gone, it's in the air, now causing global warming. Sorry folks, the party's over. We have two urgent choices to make, one is to continue to behave like children, as you all are, or grow up, and look to long lasting sustainable solutions to this dire and worsening problem, which threatens to derail the whole world economy. A good start would be to increase taxation on a litre of petrol by say a dollar, as we have been paying far too little for it for far too long.
what a load of crap in the article regarding australian petrol commissioner, australia may have petrol commissioner however it is toothless, there has never ever been a time when the commissioner intervened to adjust the prices or ask why they r so high, as for the quality or roads.. NZ roads r far far superior compare aussie roads. i read lot of journalist articles where they make australia look like heaven on earth. NZ is still 1 of the lowest taxed (not inc fuel) country in western world.
as if the cost of living wasnt high enough they have to keep raising petrol costs i think they should subdirse it as low income workers have enough trouable paying their living costs let alone petrol to get to work depending where you live and work you would end up working to pay for gas to get to work let alone putting money aside for a rainny day the goverment needs to get a clue and stop worrying about money and start thinking about the tax payers and people who nvoted for them i think they should try and live on a low income with no perks and see how they survive for a month then they will no how hard it is to live on minimum wage and still surport your family maybe they need to look in their own backyard before they worry about whats going on in the world outside new zealand you cant fix the world if your own country is screaming for help maybe national should sit up and listen. they have no idea how hard living is now days
Anyone who say's the World is "running out" of oil doesn't know what he or she is talking about! There is much, much more oil than Anyone (even the Oil companies) know about, the problem is the likes of the E.P.A A long with Obama not allowing drilling!(America has more oil than the Middle East) but they can't drill for it so with a "limited supply" the price goes up along with every other excuse in the book! Boycotting from BP or another other Company, does no good as they all buy from each other anyway! basically, the prices will go up and up until it's out of most People's reach then, and then only MAYBE the price may come down it's all about greed plain and simple.
Simple as taking candy from a baby!! All the excuses in the world about petrol hikes..What it fall's down too is 'GREED'.. End of story!!!!

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