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Your say: Budget 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010
What do you want to see in this year's Budget?
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By MSN NZ Money staff

Finance Minister Bill English has today delivered his second Budget for the government. Are you happy with how the money has been spent?

Key points to know from this year's Budget:

  • All personal tax rates will be cut from October 1
  • The GST will increase to 15 percent
  • Landlords will no longer be able to claim depreciation on their rental properties in order to avoid paying the top tax rate
  • Beneficiaries, students and Working for Families recipients will receive a 2.02 percent increase to compensate for higher GST
  • $2.1 billion will be spent on health over the next four years
  • Funding for schools will increase by $1.4 billion over the next four years
  • A 10-year, $4.6 billion KiwiRail upgrade

What were you hoping for? Where should the government have allocated the money?

Have your say by commenting below.

User comments
very disapointing just surviving after an operation very dificult to budget on invalids benifit with riaing costs both medically foodwise this budget is for the middle and upper class doing nothing for the families children that are involved
I have seen many friends and people struggling to change their lives and many keep trying without much assistance even those on benefits, no incentives or encouragement to keep them going against the odds....not one person I have talked to is happy with this budget, but when have we ever been happy with a budget? everyone I talk to is seriously miserable and don't no how they will cope especially those with children. I am disheartened by what I see, people attacking those on benefits, not knowing everyones situation and just generalising them all and putting them into the same neat package, "Shame" Give our children enough healthy food to eat, milk to drink! a warm home to go to, a decent roof over their head! At the end of the day this is just about "Money" and "Power" A trip at our expence and our childrens! who pays! we all do!
I am not from there but I can see the frustration all of you are going through and I don't bame you at all for being frustrated in the budget concerns of your country. What I see is the GST they say going down but, I also see that in it going down, I see other things going up to make up the difference in the GST. Look, it is an old politician ploy to make all of you to think, "Oh goodness, they are lowering the GST so we can have more"..people, that is NOT the case. What all this consists of is political ploy to make them look good to you so they can lead you. So they can keep the lifestyle they are accustomed too and "YOU" are the ones that are paying for that.. "YOU" are the ones that make thier living for them and let them lead you. Sure, they come up with the schemes to make "THEM" look good so you will vote for them, so you will trust them but in the long run, "YOU" are the ones getting screwed every time, they just make it look good so you will fall for it. Think about it..
To Sifly28 How dare you classify all the hard working laborors and and other low income earners in this country. These people are not sitting on their *** but are the ones that realy keep this Country going not the so called politicians and or people like you who think that because they have a degree they are te ones that should have the right to a higher income than those hard working people that I mentioned before . try getting in to that kind of work then you realy know why these people should earn more . Also I believe that a govt should help the people in their own country first and not come up with excuses to make it harder on the people and easier on themselves, NZ is going down fast very fast and the poverty and stress levels for those so called lazy people is going to help it go faster . Keep going like this and you so called educated people wil be as poor as we are because there wil be no more workers to work for you. And Sifly28 not everyone is the same .
Raising GST would be a good idea, if the price increase was NOT on ESSENTIAL items. The increase on food alone will put alot of people in a difficult financial position. People will be forced to spend less across the board, which might not be a bad thing if we weren't still in a recession.
I have no gripes about the budget because my real concern is the state of our Country more that how I will benefit from the budget. New Zealand is my home and I will hate to wake up one day thinking we have been taken over by another country because of big debts. New Zealand is a wonderful country and I am proud of it. Lets keep it that way. Lets pay off the debts instead of being concerned about what we will get out of it. We will never starve because there are upteen resources for us to take advantage of. For e.g. community gardens are fabulous. All you have to do is offer your time, or take some seeds to grow or go have a chat with the people there. So please dont complain just be part of the community and put yourself where you think you will be of assistance.
i am a solo parent with1 child i work full time now i cant afford to live now wot makes you think i will be able to afford to live when the tax goes up .i think if National promised what they said they were gona promise then you wouldnt have alot of nz people saying how bad our government is .No wonder nz people move cause nz is be coming more political and its all bout Money .GST TAX its all alot of Bull......... if you ask me.
as i have read in the laters budget the rise in gst is a good thing but if we keep on paying the maori party .millions of dollars.each year for them.we would come out of debt faster.we are all one john keys said the rise in gst would save nz 280million over four years. but that a mount of money is going right back to the maori we dont save anything hello whats conecting the dots????????
When is election year ?Oh thats right 2011, Roll on an opportunity to get rid of this government Should have moved to Australia years ago
I am a year one early childhood diploma student, i am also working so what is now the incentive to become fully qualified and trained?