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04:02 Thu Jul 24 2014
The IMF says the US economy will grow a "disappointing" 1.7 per cent this year, after a 1.9 per cent expansion in 2013.
04:02 Thu Jul 24 2014
Some economists believe the Reserve Bank may be ready for a pause in rate increases to keep a lid on the already high New Zealand dollar.
03:35 Thu Jul 24 2014
Officials say Russia's current 2014 growth forecast of 0.5 per cent is set to be updated to about one per cent, despite Western sanctions.
03:08 Thu Jul 24 2014
Spain's central bank has raised its forecasts, saying the economy will grow by 1.3 per cent this year and by 2.0 per cent in 2015.
02:59 Thu Jul 24 2014
Daimler's earnings before interest and taxes from ongoing business rose 12 per cent in the second quarter from a year earlier.
02:37 Thu Jul 24 2014
GlaxoSmithKline says it expects its earnings per share to be "broadly flat" this year, compared with the previous forecast for growth of 4-8 per cent.
01:51 Thu Jul 24 2014
The collapse of trading exchange MtGox has resulted in Bitcoin investors calling for answers after $US500m worth of the virtual currency disappeared.
01:35 Thu Jul 24 2014
Boeing has delivered 181 jetliners in the second quarter, an increase of 7.1 per cent from 169 aircraft a year earlier amid solid demand from airlines.
01:30 Thu Jul 24 2014
French company Alstom has reported a strong performance in its rail activities, but its energy division continues to suffer.
01:09 Thu Jul 24 2014
The world's biggest paint-maker AkzoNobel has reported a 11 per cent increase in net profit in Q2, to 205 million euros.
23:51 Wed Jul 23 2014
Luxembourg's district court has agreed to a request from Espirito Santo International that it be placed under "controlled management".
23:45 Wed Jul 23 2014
Budget airline Ryanair must repay 9.6 million euros it received in illegal state aid for operating in French regional airports, the EU says.
Five held in China expired meat scandal
22:36 Wed Jul 23 2014
Five people who worked for a US food supplier in China have been detained over the sale of expired meat, mainly to fast food outlets, including McDonald's.
19:56 Wed Jul 23 2014
Business is booming for Xero, who are forecasting 80 per cent revenue growth and a US initial public offering in a few years time.
Griffin's to lift exports under new owners
18:30 Wed Jul 23 2014
Griffin's new boss says it can use URC's networks in Asia to meet growing global demand for New Zealand-sourced food.
18:22 Wed Jul 23 2014
"The market is not paying for blue sky", says a New Zealand fund manager, but it is buying blue chip stocks.
17:24 Wed Jul 23 2014
Rising inflation reduces the chances of another rate cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia and may diminish New Zealand's yield advantage.
16:58 Wed Jul 23 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency's decision to refuse consent for a flyover near Wellington's Basin Reserve has disappointed the transport minister.
14:53 Wed Jul 23 2014
Kiwi farmers say British farmers should stop bagging New Zealand lamb and focus on promoting lamb generally.
Northland farmers all silted up
14:30 Wed Jul 23 2014
Water will take 48 days to drain from some Northland farms and when it does the silt has to be turned into pasture.
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