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Apple rolls out new privacy protections
03:16 Fri Sep 19 2014
Apple is rolling out new privacy protections for iPhones and iPads that make it impossible for the company to unlock a device even with a warrant.
00:01 Fri Sep 19 2014
The European Central Bank says it has leant 82.6 billion euros ($A123.89 billion) to 255 banks under its new lending program.
23:34 Thu Sep 18 2014
Ireland's economy expanded 1.5 per cent in the second quarter of 2014, official data shows.
21:29 Thu Sep 18 2014
Britiain's monthly retail sales increased by 0.4 per cent in August, according to official data.
21:11 Thu Sep 18 2014
German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer says it intends floating its chemicals Material Science division.
18:54 Thu Sep 18 2014
Indonesian Finance Minister Chatib Basri says he's optimistic the country can achieve 7 per cent growth by 2017.
18:18 Thu Sep 18 2014
The NZX 50 Index has risen 0.2 per cent from a month-low, as the US Fed has given the market a mixed message.
17:22 Thu Sep 18 2014
The kiwi dollar has lost ground against the greenback and on a trade-weighted basis, following a signal that US interest rate hikes are on their way.
16:44 Thu Sep 18 2014
Government ministers say extending guarantees for Solid Energy's mine remediation obligations will help give it "every opportunity to become viable".
16:31 Thu Sep 18 2014
Analysts say it remains to be seen whether Alibaba's IPO will propel it into the league of Amazon, Google and eBay.
15:23 Thu Sep 18 2014
Industry journal Variety says Warner Bros will be making deep cuts to its workforce, with as many as 1,000 jobs on the chopping board.
13:23 Thu Sep 18 2014
A boost in its Australian sales means Trilogy International expects to turn around a first-half loss to profit this year.
13:16 Thu Sep 18 2014
Japan's trade deficit has narrowed, data from August shows, extending the run of shortfalls to a 26th straight month.
Scotch whisky prices to soar if independence succeeds
13:00 Thu Sep 18 2014
As Scotland considers seceding from the United Kingdom, there may be consequences for New Zealand drinkers, with the price of scotch potentially set to soar.
11:45 Thu Sep 18 2014
NZF Group, which sought to liquidate itself earlier this year, now says it has found a suitable business to buy for a possible reverse listing.
11:11 Thu Sep 18 2014
According to the 188-nation IMF, advanced economies that have the means should increase public spending on infrastructure.
11:04 Thu Sep 18 2014
New Zealand's economy has grown at a 3.5 per cent annual pace, according to latest gross domestic product figures.
09:09 Thu Sep 18 2014
The NZ dollar slips against the greenback after the Federal Reserve raised its expectation for the level of interest rates by the end of next year.
07:22 Thu Sep 18 2014
The Federal Reserve has stuck to its forecast for an initial interest rate rise in 2015 but slightly cut its forecast for US growth.
New Apple mobile software set for release
07:00 Thu Sep 18 2014
Apple is set to release its iOS 8 mobile operating system, which will be available free for download to many iPhone and iPad models.
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