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15:57 Wed Jul 30 2014
The mining investment slowdown means more office space is being left unused in Western Australia.
15:38 Wed Jul 30 2014
Japan's factory output has logged its sharpest drop since the 2011 tsunami disaster, falling 3.3 per cent month-on-month after a 0.7 per cent rise in May.
14:18 Wed Jul 30 2014
Argentina is pushing for more time and a last-minute solution as a deadline looms that could see it default on its debt.
14:08 Wed Jul 30 2014
The purchase of a Chinese manufacturer has given Methven confidence it will reverse its years of declining profits.
12:07 Wed Jul 30 2014
An upturn in apartment developments has boosted the number of building consents issued.
12:06 Wed Jul 30 2014
Twitter says its quarterly loss has widened but its shares have soared on word of healthy user growth.
12:06 Wed Jul 30 2014
Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry has announced the purchase of German voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping firm Secusmart
11:46 Wed Jul 30 2014
Shares in New Zealand's largest glass processor, Metroglass, have debuted on the NZX at a 2.9 per cent premium.
11:25 Wed Jul 30 2014
Meridian Energy has announced it is replacing a wind turbine in Wellington with a bigger structure after the council granted consent.
11:22 Wed Jul 30 2014
Greek dairy company Fage says it's won a British High Court case against Chobani over its labelling of its strained yoghurt as "Greek yoghurt".
Honolulu flight in air, parking fees await
10:39 Wed Jul 30 2014
The Air New Zealand flight stranded at Honolulu is finally in the air, but some passengers will have a hefty parking bill in Auckland when they arrive.
10:19 Wed Jul 30 2014
South Africa's unemployment rate rose to 25.5 per cent, its highest point in six years, in the second quarter.
09:24 Wed Jul 30 2014
The New York Times' net profit for the second quarter fell to $US9.2 million ($A9.95 million) from $US20.1 million in the same period a year ago.
09:24 Wed Jul 30 2014
Fonterra's forecast of a lower milk solid payout than previous years has helped drag the NZ dollar below US85 cents for the first time in seven weeks.
09:22 Wed Jul 30 2014
Finance News Update, what you need to know
09:22 Wed Jul 30 2014
Westland Milk Products, New Zealand's second-biggest dairy cooperative after Fonterra, has followed the milk giant in dropping its forecast payout.
07:47 Wed Jul 30 2014
Former Yukos shareholders say they are prepared to negotiate with Russia after an international court awarded them $A54 billion compensation.
05:35 Wed Jul 30 2014
The US Federal Reserve has begun a two-day policy meeting under rising pressure to step off its ultra-dovish stance.
04:49 Wed Jul 30 2014
The yield on 10-year German debt hit a low of 1.119 per cent on Tuesday morning, on the weight of concerns over tensions between the EU and Russia.
04:01 Wed Jul 30 2014
Fonterra has seen "milk coming from everywhere" as global supply has risen while demand weakens in key markets.
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