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Woman claims $2.1m 'on fake tax return'

10:00 AEST Tue Jun 12 2012
Nick Pearson, MSN NZ
Krystle Marie Reyes  (Marion County Sheriff)
Krystle Marie Reyes (Marion County Sheriff)

A US woman has been arrested for fraud after allegedly lying on her income tax return to claim a $2.1 million refund.

Krystle Marie Reyes allegedly used tax preparation software to claim reported wages of $3 million before receiving a debit card with the full $2.1 million refund amount, the Oregonian reports.

The Salem, Oregon, woman then allegedly spent over $150,000 from late February to early May.

The full extent of her purchases are not known, but a Marion County Sheriff's report alleged Reyes spent $2800 on a caravan, new tyres and wheels.

Reyes has been charged with aggravated theft and computer crime.

It is believed to be the largest fraud case in the state's history.