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US talk show pokes fun at iPhone 5

10:00 AEST Sat Sep 15 2012
Alys Francis, ninemsn

A US talk show host has poked fun at hype around Apple's new iPhone 5 by tricking people on the street to show that they cannot tell it apart from the old version.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live prank, which aired on US TV network ABC on September 13, involved people being shown Apple's old iPhone 4S and being told they were looking at the new iPhone 5.

They were then asked how they thought the "new phone" compared to the last one.

Amusingly, none of the participants could tell they were looking at an old iPhone, even when they compared it against their own personal iPhone 4S.

"It's nice, that's definitely noticeably better," said one man, while examining the phone.

Another man said it was "a little thinner and looks like the screen is a little bigger".

One woman compared the phone to her own iPhone 4S but still could not spot that it was the same version, instead saying it was "definitely faster".

Another man also compared it to his own older model, saying "it feels a lot lighter and just a lot higher quality".

Kimmel joked that the clip proved the hype around the iPhone 5 was "all in your head".