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Kiwis are Brisbane's biggest migrant group

16:00 AEST Fri Jun 22 2012
Kiwis are Brisbane's biggest migrant group
Kiwis are Brisbane's biggest migrant group

New Zealand remains Australia's second biggest source of immigrants after England, but Australia increasingly is becoming more influenced by Asian migration.

According to 2011 Australian census data released on Thursday, 2.38 per cent of Australia's 21.5 million population was born in New Zealand compared with 4.49 per cent from England.

The next biggest biggest sources of immigrants were China, 1.57 per cent, and India, 1.45 per cent.

But the Indian-born population of Australia has experienced the largest growth since the 1996 census, with an increase of 148,261 people followed by China (112,379) and New Zealand (93,934).

One in four of the Australian population was born overseas.

New Zealand-born people are the biggest immigrant group in Brisbane with about 5 per cent of the city's population - overtaking English immigration since 2006..

They were the second biggest group behind English immigrants in Perth and Hobart, fourth in Sydney and Canberra, fifth in Melbourne, third in Darwin, and didn't feature in the top five immigrant groups for Adelaide.