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Dell confirms fart ad a hoax

19:00 AEST Thu Feb 23 2012

An online advertisement purportedly for Dell featuring a "renowned photographer " shooting a man farting clouds of white powder has been confirmed as a hoax.

The mocumentary video which claims to be an advertisement for Dell’s Visual Innovators series has attracted tens of thousands of views since it was uploaded yesterday and created confusion among viewers as to whether it is genuine.

But in a post today to Dell’s Twitter account, the IT giant said it was not behind the "ad ".

"This video is in no way affiliated with Dell, but it’s great to see creative professionals get inspiration from using our products," the tweet read.

"Our program is all about celebrating people who take their own professional path. Regarding this parody, we consider imitation to be the sincerest form of flattery."

Many internet users appear to have been taken in by the cleverly shot parody, which stars arty photographer “Clayton Sotos” who "gathers inspiration from city life”.

"Dell uses some art dude who takes photos of fat naked guys farting dust out of their buts for a promotion for their hardware? Is this some kind of sick joke? WTF I’m going out today and buying a 12 core Mac Pro right now," one post read.

"Seriously Dell, this is the only artist you found to promote your product??? LOL, I just hope for you it’s not an intended pun!" another user wrote.

A website for the pseudo photographer appears to have been created in recent days, featuring a gallery of his dust cloud photographs and information about the artist’s upbringing in Russia.

Technology news site, reported that it had traced the creation of the "Visual Innovators" site to music and media producer Christian Heuer.

But Heuer dodged Gizmodo’s questions about the spoof saying only, "Tomorrow! Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, we can chat tomorrow."