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New iPad revealed

06:00 AEST Thu Mar 8 2012

Apple has announced its new iPad this morning and details of the device are being unveiled at a presentation in San Francisco.

The new iPad will feature a quad-core A5X processor chip, high-definition "retina" display, and will work on faster 4G cellular networks as well as the 3G networks that operate in New Zealand.

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Execs say the device will rival TV sets with 1080p high-definition resolution; more pixels than any HDTV on the market.

It also will have a new iSight 5MP camera on the back, as well as the ability to record 1080p high-definition video.

The new iPad will feature a 10 battery hour life - or nine hours on 4G - before it needs to be charged, Apple says.

The new device will go on sale in the US on March 16th with prices starting at around $499 ($605NZ).

User comments
New device, same modified technology. Unless they're cheaper and everyone can afford them, nothing would've changed.
Sorry to rain on the ipad '3' parade..but even apple themselves are only calling it the 'new' ipad and as for your line containing a qaud core processor in the article..might want to recheck your notes..its only a dual core onboard-and i will have 20 bucks on 17 in the office pool on how many deaths at the factory this ipad does.
I wonder if these new devices will catch fire as easily as the previous Apple insert device names did