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Facebook app lets users create enemies list

14:00 AEST Thu Mar 29 2012
by Dave Meddows, MSN NZ
Facebook app lets users create enemies list
Facebook app lets users create enemies list

A new Facebook application allows users to add friends or pages to a list of enemies, but its creator believes the social network will soon shut it down.

EnemyGraph, created by Professor Dean Terry from the Univeristy of Texas, focuses on the people, brands and things users don’t like, rather than the traditional ‘like’ model Facebook was built on.

While users of the app can add friends to their enemy list, Terry’s idea was to encourage friends to not only discuss their common interests, but also throw up topics for debate where their tastes differ.

"If you have said you like, say, "Portlandia" on your profile page, and in our app one of your friends has declared it an enemy, we will post this dissonance report in the app," Terry wrote in his blog.

"In other words, we point out a difference you have with a friend and offer it up for conversation, as opposed to a similarity."

Teen idol Justin Bieber leads the list of 'enemies', followed closely by US presidential hopeful Rick Santorum and the Westboro Baptist Church.

Terry believes the structure of Facebook doesn't encourage natural debate about everyday topics, instead creating a false 'country club' environment.

"Relationships always include differences, and often these differences are a critical part of the fabric of a friendship," he wrote.

"In the country club atmosphere of Facebook and its platform, such differences are ignored. It’s not part of their social philosophy."

Terry said he jumped when Facebook invited developers to 'hack the graph', but he believes EnemyGraph's days are numbered.

"We give them a couple of weeks at best before they shut us down for broadening the conversation and for 'utilising community, building conversation, and curating identity', their three elements of social design," he wrote.

User comments
i wish they dont shut them down because it sounds like a cool app to have and use just like the app unfriend where it shows u who has unfriended u and things like that should be applauded not discouraged. i do hope they create another app like that and keep making it until facebook stops shutting them down