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Jobs home burglar foiled by Apple technology

12:30 AEST Sun Aug 19 2012
Steve Jobs (Getty)
Steve Jobs (Getty)

Steve Jobs has struck back from beyond the grave after a thief who stole $60k worth of goods from his California home was thwarted by technology the late Apple CEO helped invent.

US police have charged Kariem McFarlin, 35, for a break-in at Jobs' Silicon Valley home on July 17 which saw Apple gadgets, expensive jewellery, a pair of Monster Beats Dr Dre headphones and a 'Ninja' kitchen blender stolen, the Mercury News reports.

Police also allege McFarlin snatched the late billionaire's wallet containing his driver's licence and just one dollar in cash.

He also reportedly stole a suitcase to carry the goods out of the home.

When the alleged thief later used one of the stolen Apple gadgets – believed to be an iPhone or iPad – to connect to his iTunes account, it triggered an IP address tracking system which led police to his whereabouts.

Police say they raided McFarlin's apartment and found many of the Apple devices.

He has since confessed to the crime and apologised to Jobs' widow.

"What an idiot," McFarlin's former boss Ross Rankin told the Mercury News.

"There's certain things you don't do, and burglary is one of them, but burglarising an icon like that, that just puts yourself pretty much in the deep hole."

Police allege McFarlin broke into the home using a spare key he found after jumping over the fence. The house was undergoing renovations and was empty.

McFarlin remains in jail on $500,000 bail and could face up to eight years in prison if convicted.