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Kiwis worst work bullies in the world

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Kiwis worst work bullies in the world. Image: Getty
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By MSN NZ Money staff

Been bullied at work before?

You're not the only one — a university study has shown almost one in five Kiwi workers suffer from workplace bullying.

That's one of the worst rates in the world, according to media reports.

In the survey, 17.8 per cent of Kiwis reported they had been the victim of a workplace bully.

In other countries, the figure ranged from five per cent to 20 per cent.

The industries worst affected were education and health.

Hospitality was also listed as a prime sector for bullying.

Types of bullying recorded included bosses picking on workers, workers harassing colleagues and workers intimidating bosses.

Lead researcher Professor Tim Bentley told reporters bullying in New Zealand could be "a billion-dollar problem" because of decreases in productivity due to worker absenteeism, staff turnover, lower staff satisfaction and time spent investigating bullying.

The study was conducted by a joint university research team from Auckland, Waikato, Massey and London.

It polled more 1700 workers and asked how frequently they were exposed to "negative acts" at work.

Have you been bullied at work? Have your say below.

User comments
Over 6 years I worked hard giving extra time to an organisation and developed goodwill and respect with a promotion. An ex government manager (male) began working in the same area. He would come into my office when I was alone and tell me he was jealous of my position and would destroy me. He made sexual suggestions which I refused. When I requested him not to do it or I would request mediation for harasment he laugh saying it was my word against his, that he had higher standing in the community due to past employemnt. He systematically undermined and harassed me for 6 weeks, until I had to make a complaint or breakdown as I began getting afraid each time he came into my office. When we had a meeting with superiors they crowed about his expertise in previous workplace and true to his words they believed him and dismissed me. I was a confident business woman but this broke my spirit totally. A month later he couldn't handle my job and walked out. I never went back.
I wonder how accurate these bullying statistics are. We have so many people in the workplace these days with a huge sense of entitlement. I've seen it time and again - the lazy, incompetent and dishonest workers are taken to task about their lack of performance, and as soon as this happens they start roaring about bullying, harassment and personal grievances! It's so much easier for these kind of people to point the finger and blame others than it is to accept responsibility for their own shortcomings. I don't deny that bullying exists - I just think it could be a bit overstated...
I am a kiwi. I have worked all over the world in both professions for the police and in education. I have seen bullying in many countries in various forms but the worst bullying has always been in NZ. Both from management and co-workers. Dog eat dog .
Agree with Giraffe, do the study fairly in other part of the world, and you'll see in some other countries it's even much worse, they just haven't been studied and exposed.
Ive worked in various jobs over the years & found that in most there is always a stick in the mud somewhere. In particular for some time I worked for two Doctors - the Male partner at this practise had a rather miserable existence in his own life & delighted in put-downs toward me & was obstinate with basic assistance, the Female partner threw tantrums regularly, was extremely demanding & spoilt & her expectations of me were sometimes humanly impossible! I subsequently developed panic attacks & agoraphobia for goodness sakes! I look back and forgive them but will never forget - I am quite firmly of the opinion that because my nature is always bright & cheery - they may have taken this as a sign that I wasnt working hard enough (to display stress & fluster as they were themselves) I now work elsewhere & have yet another co-worker who shouts, goes red in the face & swears - they all get away with this abhorent behaviour....basically because we let them!
Emma, you're an example of the low IQ, right wing element of society. Starting your own business is virtually impossible in today's climate of intentional economic destruction by greedy *** international bankers who want everyone working for them through the monopolies of businesses and governments they own swallowing up smaller ones. In some industries, there is no choice but to work for established businesses. You no doubt are an example of a talentless, pedestrian worker who lusts for power over others. Think before you express your inane opinions.
not only are there bullies in the workplace but also in other nessasary agencies you have in your life. And to complain it only adds to your already distressed situation becoming more stressed and you are left worsr off than before. Workplace bullies have been around for years and to me it appears to come from those with a little bit of aurthority who think they deserve more or think they have more. I had a bully boss once and found out that the bulling was due to the boss having found out that I was being paid more. Good thing was I had a senior member of the firm see what was happening and the action taken was very swift. So moral is tell someone who can back up os observe what is happening to you. Work place bullies need to be looked after as well no matter how soft the employer is or where the employment is .
I am sorry about the sad fact that there are workplace bullies out there! Its not pretty as I too have been at the end of Managers who are so insecure within themselves there kissing the bosses backside and stabbing their staff in the back. Collegues who instead of helping you also stabb you in the back, and bosses who so enjoy having someone kiss their backside to make them feel good they just go along for the ride. I didn't stick around for long and I can handle a lot of flack. But i have to say that I have worked for some good people to. Each of us can learn to treat our neighbour as we would like to be treated, I think its easier said than done. But at least each of us has the ability to practise being better people. What doesn't kill us only makes us better. Those who have been a *** well what goes around comes around. I feel for you. Obviously what didn't kill you made you bitter instead of better. I hate to see what you look like when your 60.
People never cease to amaze me. NZ is one of the easiest places in the world to live! We have so much freedom and so many resources at our feet. If people were more grateful for what they had, have and will have they wouldn't be so concerned with minor details like gossip and rumours. If you spent more time doing your jobs and enjoying what life has to offer you wouldn't notice the negative things. Also, if you hate working for someone else, run your own business for crying out loud, be your own boss. It sounds like you will still complain but you will only have yourselves to blame then.
I have a great story. I got banned from work place social functions becase I was happy, had alot of energy ad a manager decided to yell at meone night in front of everyone. No one ever spoke to me about this incident but instead banned me. I was constantly told what a great worker I was (contract renewed several times) then refused to be given a reference. There was also a huge amount of bullying and backstabbing and general trashing of people's values and beliefs. And this is an internaltional IT company. NZ has definatley got a bully corporate life. I know of people who have committed suicide because of managers. The biggest problem is that the damage done is often invisible. It goes on in all corporates and industries and presents itself in many different forms. There is no adequate means to get help for these 'victims'.