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How to get your dream job

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Get the job you really want
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By MSN NZ Money staff

Has a career change been on your mind for some time? Finding a new job can be daunting task — especially if you want to change industries or go for a more challenging position.

How do you gain the confidence to start job hunting? How do you convince a prospective employer you have what it takes?

So many questions to answer but most importantly; where do you start? Check out these simple tips to start your dream job hunt.

Update your CV
Tailor your resume to favour the job you want — give greater prominence to the skills and study that will help you secure the position. This is also a good way to find out if you need to gain extra skills before applying for this type of position.

Get studying
Not securing an interview or unable to get your foot into the industry you want? You may need to consider bumping up your skills and qualifications. Why not consider doing a short-course at a private college, TAFE, or going to university?

Volunteer or work for free
Work experience in the industry you want a career in is vital. Want an easy way into the company you want to work for? Secure some work experience and hopefully a paid position will open up while you're there.

Network, network, network
Go along to industry events and meet people. Ask people how they got their position at the company. People usually love talking about themselves so why not use this tactic? But beware, don't go overboard with the alcohol. Remember, you want to make a good impression, not a bad one!

Keep a close watch on industry trends
Stay on top of industry trends for when there may be an opening at the company you want to work for. Or, you may get an opportunity to create an opening at a company you want to work in if trends reveal a skill-set gap in that field. Sign up to trade magazines, newspapers and newsletters.

Directly approach companies in the industry
Why wait for a role to open up? Take the initiative and directly approach the company you want to work for.

Be realistic
If you're new to the industry, aim for an entry-level position and be prepared to do the hard yards as you may face stiff competition. Also, be prepared to take a pay cut — the long-term goal is worth it.

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