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Employers reject job seekers thanks to Facebook page

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Employers reject job seekers thanks to Facebook page
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By MSN NZ Money staff

Like to boast about your big night out on Facebook?

Beware — it could damage your career.

Bosses are now using the popular social networking site to gauge what kind of an employee job applicants would be, according to media reports.

Potential employers are weighing up how likely it would be that their new worker would not turn up to work because of a hangover or big night out on drugs.

Job seekers should also be careful about exaggerating their qualifications.

Employers have reportedly been checking their Facebook pages to see if their online details match their resume.

More than 10 percent were not considered for the job after bragging about drinking and drugs online, 13 percent were knocked back for making racist comments and nine percent were overlooked for placing saucy photos on their Facebook page.

Almost 40 percent of job seekers were rejected for beefing up their qualifications on their resume and then getting caught out on Facebook.

A survey of 450 employers by found more than four in 10 employers discarded a job seeker's resume after checking their Facebook page.

Career Builder president Farhan Yasin said job seekers could have all the necessary qualifications for the role but not succeed because of incriminating photos or messages posted online.

"Job seekers are urged to be mindful of the information they post online. They are indirectly communicating with potential employers," he said.

"Social networking is a great way to make connections with potential job opportunities in 2010 and to promote your brand across the internet."

Mr Yasin said it was important to convey a professional image, remove any unsavoury photos, keep gripes offline and post content that focuses on the positive.