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Thirteen ways to beat work stress

11:00 AEST Mon Nov 15 2010
Beat work stress
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By MSN NZ Money staff

Workplace stress in New Zealand is a rising concern, so we've found a few quick ways to help you clear your mental clutter and stress less.

Stress-related incidents have a huge impact on employees and employers and ends up costing employers a small fortune each year.

Take some time out to relax. You'll feel better for it and in return you will be more productive at work and end each day feeling satisfied with your effort. Check out our gallery and start relaxing now. It's a guaranteed job well done!

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User comments
All great ideas but when you work 12 to 16 hours a day 28 days a month,when are you supposed to find the time,at least I dont have to stress about paying my bills
My workplace has no windows, is overcrowded and stuffy, due to inadequate air conditioning. Not allowed to cheer place up with pictures or posters on drab walls, carpet looks like a rag, cleaning service a joke. Big turnover of staff - surprise? Tell me again how to relax.
What is normal?
None of these I found to be helpful at all. With a busy life, sure, eat healthily, get plenty of sleep and exercise, but really? The rest would just make me more stressed!
Having a rather stressful day I happened upon msn and this "blog" popped up so taking a little break I thought to take look. Tip 1 was good...from there it just went downhill anyone can say get a facial, take a holiday that isn't something people can do just at the drop of a hat these things take $ of which at this time of year (november) isn't really viable maybe a little more thought needs to go into this!!!