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More than half of all Kiwis hate job

11:00 AEST Tue Mar 29 2011
More than half of all Kiwis hate job
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By MSN NZ Money staff

More than 60 per cent of the workforce either hate their jobs or don't give a hoot about their nine-to-five work as long as they get a pay cheque, a survey has shown.

The survey was conducted by Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) and asked nearly 4000 respondents in New Zealand and Australia how they felt about their jobs.

It showed that nearly half were considering looking for a new job.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent either hated or were ambivalent about their work.

LMA managing director Grant Sexton said a lack of work/life balance, difficulties finding and retaining good staff and retaining employees were among some of the factors causing these people to be dissatisfied, the New Zealand Herald reports.

He said there were "just too many people with a ho-hum attitude, too many just going through the motions and dragging the chain".

The findings:
One in six people in the workforce hate their jobs
More than half are considering looking for a new job
One in five people are actively seeking new work
Those with negative views of their jobs are less likely to be in organisations offering training and development opportunities