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Best excuses for calling in sick at work

Friday, January 8, 2010
Best sick day excuses. Image: Getty
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By MSN NZ Money staff

Loving your holidays too much that you don't want to return to work? Then why not call in sick.

We've all had those days when we've really not wanted the weekend or holiday to end, so what are some of the best fail-safe excuses you can use?

Here are our favourites:

  • You've got explosive diarrhea. An oldie but a goodie as most bosses will not dare question this. Just be prepared to get a medical certificate if required.

  • Your child is sick so you need to stay home and care for them. Make sure you actually have kids before you use this one.

  • For women with male bosses, the classic "it's that time of the month" trick never fails.

  • Food poisoning. It was the dodgy prawn you ate last night out at dinner so you've been up vomiting all night.

  • A sprained ankle. Just a warning when using this excuse: you'll need to remember to bring props the next day when you return to work. Ensure you have a bandage around your ankle and walk with a slight limp.

What is your favourite excuse when faking a sick day? What do you plan to tell your boss the next time you call in sick?

User comments
There is nothing wrong with taking the odd sickie, and no one should feel guilty over doing it. It's up to us to maintain our own physical and mental health, and if that means the odd sickie, so be it. Employers don't care about their employees' health anyway, and are always trying to squeeze as much as possible from them with no thought for their happiness or welfare. It's up to us to treat ourselves as human beings, because our employers don't.
Tell them your dead. Can't fail.
I personally do not prefer sick leave because if i do then I really get sick by the end of the day when I check work load for following day. I tell truth when take leave. One day I really had enough of having too much work load...I then called office and told Director that "My horrable workload is forcing me to take leave to rest my mind". Boss laughed and said yes. Do not say lies because one lie gives birth to thousand lies. I still remember my that terrific day when i had an accident and i was in the hospital and I still did web session with our client in US. Let me make it simple ....You choose the whole of your own realities. So be always aware of what you choose.
Saying you are too depressed.Unfortunately it has become a truth for me.So be careful, you might get what you say !`
I'm struggling to find a part-time job and here people are, making up lame excuses to avoid work. I'll take your job if you don't want it, you may complain about how terrible it is but be thankful you have a job.
If I want a day off I never say that I am sick. I just say that I am unable to come in. Then If you are seen and someone says "but you said you were sick" you can honestly say "no I never said I was sick I just said i couldn't come in" hehe.
If you use the sprained ankle excuse, when you return to work as well an putting a bandage on your foot, put a stone in your shoe under the soft part of your foot. This will really give you a believable limp all day.
Some of us work hard and get paid *** all, and now you want to make us put out more money when were already struggling. its a bit of a joke, people will get fed up and tell the boss where to stick it. it will accomplish nothing good for the majority. people who take "sickies" are the problem, usually the same people who do not want to work any way. get people who want the job and you wont have this problem. there are a lot of situations and scenarios to look at and no one fits everyone as sometimes workers are slack but other times bosses are w****rs. its joe bloggs in the middle getting screwed either way. all this really makes me think is to look more into politics more and start voting for one or the other!
Well if the govt get their way and enable employers to require med certs after just one day ill, there will be alot of sackings. Think about in the BOP it can take a week just to get an appointment, by which time your not ill anymore...people will have to resort to going to Accident and Emergency for a med cert....we already have long waiting times to be would also expose people dealing with serious illnesses and injuries being exposed to colds and flus at a time that they are vulnerable to infection. Also what happens to people who have blinding migraines and literally cant see to get to a Doctor...housecalls are a thing of the past. Good luck to us all!!!!!!
I work incredibly hard in a very giving profession, however on the rare occasion there are days where i am just so mentally exhausted from constantly giving of myself. I will call in sick and rest otherwise I am no good for anyone, and i usually have to work twice as hard the next day to make up for lost time. I pay a huge amount of taxes and often I have no choice where my tax dollar is spent. My last GP visit cost 70 dollars when I knew that a days rest would put me right. So now this new system is gonna penalise the hard working taxpayer even more. What about some of the beneficiaries that choose to not work and milk the system. And I say 'some' cause not all do, unfortunately I work in a profession where I am aware of those ripping off the system and due to client confidentiality there is not a darn thing I can do about it. They are usually the ones that make my day harder because they can be so victim minded and self centered they can be incredibly draining. Is that fair?