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Have you slacked off at work this week?

By MSN NZ Money Staff
09:00 AEST Thu Dec 23 2010
Have you slacked off at work this week?
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More than a third of workers have slacked off in the lead-up to Christmas, a survey has found.

The report showed many of us are spending more than an hour a day socialising or leaving the office early, according to media reports.

It found 38 per cent of people had been less productive than during the rest of the year, and were wasting 14 per cent of the working day.

Our favourite time-wasters?

Socialising around the workplace, morning or afternoon teas, or leaving work early.

But some of us are left picking up the slack — the survey showed 27 per cent had to work harder than usual during the four days in the lead-up to Christmas.

This group worked three to four extra hours, but they were paid for only 80 per cent of their time at the office, the research found.

Almost nine in 10 workers said working less than usual near the holidays was normal.

The research was commissioned by Leadership Management Australasia and surveyed more than 700 workers in New Zealand and Australia.

Have you slacked off this week or been forced to put in extra hours? Have your say

User comments
ive worked 10 extra hours since monday (its thursday) to fill in for people who are 'sick' or have a 'family emergency' only for them to come back in with stories of functions and parties.. still, their loss is my gain. Glad to be in that 27 percent =)