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Divorcing couple ordered to build wall, split house in two

13:00 AEST Tue Jul 6 2010
A couple arguing

By MSN NZ Money staff

A New York judge has ordered an orthodox Jewish couple in the midst of bitter divorce proceedings to build a wall splitting their house in two.

Pinchs and Nechama Gold have a week to decide where to build the wall in the large Brooklyn home or a court will decide the placement for them, the NY Post reported.

The couple have been arguing for years, a court heard, with Mr Gold verbally abusing his wife and children and blowing out her ceremonial Shabbos candles out of spite.

Mr Gold in turn accused his wife of hiding his heart medication and forcing him to sleep in the dining room.

With neither willing to move out of the home, Judge Eric Prus ordered the couple to build a wall separating the 900 square metre home in two.

"They've been living like there was a wall up for two years now," Mr Gold's lawyer Abe Konstam said.

"This just helps them completely avoid each other."

Mrs Gold will be allocated 200 square metres more than her husband since she has custody of the five children, according to reports.

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