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Running a virtual business
Forget backyard businesses! With a computer and wireless Internet connection you could run a business from a car, cafe or home.
Top tech trends for 2012Top tech trends for 2012Looking for ideas for your small business? Here are five hot trends to keep en eye out for this year. Running your small business from home Five ways to use e-mail Running a virtual business
Guerrilla (low-cost) marketingGuerrilla (low-cost) marketingYou don't need lots of cash to market your business well. Guerrilla marketing is all about using your imagination, energy and time rather than spending huge dollars. Business networking: tips for informal and formal opportunities Branding your business: getting it right How to succeed in a tough climate
How SEO worksHow SEO worksNo matter what sort of website your business has there's little point in having it if no-one visits it. Here's how to make search engine optimisation work for you. Should you sell products online? How to create a service culture Keeping your accounts in order
Starting a small businessStarting a small businessEvery year thousands of Kiwis take the plunge and start or buy a business. To be successful you need to get the planning right and have your head fully screwed on. What kind of business should you run? Building blocks: writing a small business plan The tax man: what you need to know