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Spruce up your finances this springSpruce up your finances this springIt’s September, the traditional time for an annual spring clean. This year, why not extend your spring cleaning beyond the usual home and garden, and take on your personal finances as well?
KiwiSaver turns five and pays dividends for over 65sKiwiSaver turns five and pays dividends for over 65sThe first of July marks a major milestone for KiwiSaver. For the first time investors over 65 who have been in the scheme for five years will be able to withdraw their retirement savings.
Hatch a plan for your retirement nest eggHatch a plan for your retirement nest eggNo matter your age, it’s never too soon (or too late) to hatch a money plan that will help you to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement.
Be prepared for the unexpectedBe prepared for the unexpectedIn life there are many events we plan and prepare for, like starting work, buying our own home or starting a family. But sometimes situations outside of our control can throw our plans off course, whether it is a natural disaster, an accident, or changes to your health or your work situation.
Studying up on NZ SuperStudying up on NZ SuperMany Kiwis look forward to the freedom that comes with retirement, but most of us don't know how much we need to save to enjoy the kind of retirement lifestyle we want.
Communication is key when selecting a financial providerCommunication is key when selecting a financial providerWhen it comes to switching banks or choosing a KiwiSaver scheme it's important to consider how your bank, insurer, investment company or KiwiSaver provider will communicate with you before you sign on the dotted line.