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Apple rolls out new privacy protections
03:16 Fri Sep 19 2014
Apple is rolling out new privacy protections for iPhones and iPads that make it impossible for the company to unlock a device even with a warrant.
05:39 Wed Sep 17 2014
A US Census Bureau report has shown that the number of people living in poverty dropped from 15 per cent in 2012 to 14.5 per cent last year.
19:15 Mon Sep 15 2014
Air France has sent 65,000 text messages to passengers affected by a pilot strike and deployed some 7000 extra workers to help stranded customers.
02:09 Sat Sep 13 2014
Chinese technology giant Huawei is to recruit hundreds of research and development staff in Europe, the president of its French subsidiary says.
15:20 Thu Sep 11 2014
China and Russia have signed a deal to construct a large seaport in eastern Russia, able to handle about 60 million tonnes of cargo a year.
Apple unveils large iPhones, smartwatch
07:00 Wed Sep 10 2014
A much anticipated Apple product launch has included iPhones with large screens, a smartwatch and a new mobile wallet.
18:39 Mon Sep 8 2014
A letter by victims of press intrusion has praised The Guardian for refusing to sign up to the Ipso press regulator.
Facebook rolls out 'privacy checkup'
13:00 Fri Sep 5 2014
Facebook users - get used to the new blue dinosaur. It will guide you through how to use the social media giant's maze of privacy settings.
02:26 Fri Sep 5 2014
USA Today is cutting 60 to 70 jobs as the large daily responds to declining print circulation and ad revenues.
19:16 Thu Sep 4 2014
Argentina's MPs have approved a measure that would allow the government to arrange to repay creditors out of Buenos Aires or Paris, instead of New York.
12:06 Thu Sep 4 2014
The China National Nuclear Corporation will pour $US2 billion into technical support and logistics to build Argentina's fourth nuclear power plant.
01:29 Thu Sep 4 2014
US mobile payments firm Isis has changed its name to Softcard to distance itself from the militant Islamic group known by the same acronym.
Scotland Yard put up for sale
09:30 Wed Sep 3 2014
London's world-famous Scotland Yard police force has put its headquarters up for sale.
Facebook tuning mobile search of old posts
12:30 Sat Aug 30 2014
Facebook is testing letting members using smartphones or tablets search using keywords to find old posts.
04:52 Sat Aug 30 2014
The International Monetary Fund has approved the release of nearly $US1.4 billion in fresh funds for troubled Ukraine,
03:52 Sat Aug 30 2014
The ruble has slumped to a record dollar low and stocks have tumbled on investor fears of tighter Western sanctions towards Russia.
19:25 Fri Aug 29 2014
UK property values have been pushed up by 0.8 per cent month-on-month, marking their 16th monthly increase in a row.
10:48 Fri Aug 29 2014
Lufthansa has announced that the talks had failed and that its pilots will go on strike for six hours.
01:05 Fri Aug 29 2014
Lufthansa has announced that the talks had failed and that its pilots will go on strike for six hours.
22:23 Thu Aug 28 2014
A mooted strike by Air France pilots will hit domestic and European flights from September 15 to 22 if it goes ahead.
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