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17:28 Fri Apr 18 2014
Italy has taken to eBay to sell luxury cars owned by the state that were "no longer deemed essential" in a bid to raise money.
Sony's PlayStation 4 sales top 7 million
09:00 Fri Apr 18 2014
Sony says it can't keep up with demand for its PlayStation 4, with sales topping seven million units since its launch last year.
09:27 Thu Apr 17 2014
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23:40 Wed Apr 16 2014
The European headquarters of Starbucks will relocate from the Netherlands to the UK after being criticised for tax avoidance.
09:28 Wed Apr 16 2014
Finance News Update, what you need to know
01:09 Wed Apr 16 2014
Drilling has been suspended in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region after a report found it may have contributed to a 2012 earthquake that killed 26 people.
23:39 Tue Apr 15 2014
Rio Tinto has gone "back to the future" under Sam Walsh's leadership, the miner's chief executive has told shareholders at the company's London AGM.
Twitter founders, CEO to keep shares
11:00 Tue Apr 15 2014
Documents reveal Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams and chief executive Dick Costolo have no plans to sell their shares.
09:18 Tue Apr 15 2014
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Google buys solar-powered drone maker
09:00 Tue Apr 15 2014
Google says it's bought a company that makes solar-powered drones so that it can boost the reach of remote internet access.
23:23 Mon Apr 14 2014
The World Trade Organisation has raised its 2014 global trade growth forecast to 4.7 per cent.
23:08 Mon Apr 14 2014
The UN has warned of the potential destruction of the world's banana crop if a disease spreads from Asia to Africa and the Middle East.
15:46 Mon Apr 14 2014
A beachfront dream home in the US state of Connecticut has sold for a record $US120 million.
09:26 Mon Apr 14 2014
Finance News Update, what you need to know
Twitter executives head to Turkey
09:00 Mon Apr 14 2014
Twitter says its executives will meet with the Turkish government after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the company of tax evasion.
China auto sales growth slows
06:30 Mon Apr 14 2014
Growth in car sales in China decelerated in March from a 17.8 per cent surge in February due to a weakening economy.
18:21 Sun Apr 13 2014
The IMF no longer forces "structural adjustment" on countries as it used to, IMF chief Christine Lagarde says.
00:57 Sat Apr 12 2014
A German court has rejected Haribo's contention that chocolate-maker Lindt's teddy bear infringes on its "gold bear".
09:49 Fri Apr 11 2014
IMF chief Christine Lagarde says the Fund has become a "collateral" victim of US politics, preventing a funding increase and reform plan.
09:29 Fri Apr 11 2014
Finance News Update, what you need to know
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